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About Us

Reliable, High-Quality Service​

We are here to relieve you from the time and effort you put into laundry. Our reliable, high-quality service means that we're always the right choice for your laundry needs. From shirts to curtains, we'll make sure that everything's perfect!

Washie (Lucky Champ Limited) is a dry cleaning and laundry company that have been providing professional dry cleaning and laundry services in Hong Kong to individuals and corporate customers for over 26 years. Our success and growth is due to our commitment to provide the best quality dry cleaning and laundry at very competitive prices and impeccable service.

Who do we provide service to?

Who do we provide services to? We cater to individuals as well as large corporate accounts. We service a number of the leading hotels, corporate institutions and other large organisations 24 hours per day 7 days per week. Please call us on 6628-7733 to discuss volume discounts.

Corporate Service

We service hotels for guest laundry as well as taking care of their bed sheets, linens, napkins and much more as we are accustomed to handle bulk orders.

Corporate institutions utilise our service as it adds value convenience for employees with their dry cleaning and laundry requirements and thereby increase employee productivity. From carpets to neck ties, napkins to uniforms, Washie has your business covered. With a wide variety of services, they don’t have to go anywhere else.

We offer collection and delivery of all garments, a flexible service which understands your individual needs and payment methods which work alongside your accounting system.

We pick-up and deliver personal dry-cleaning and laundry items from a designated place at your company, saving employee time and offering convenient, quality service.

Our Clients

Our Clients
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